Great Lakes Lift & Dock

madeinmichigan3We offer two product lines to meet our customers dock and boat lift needs.

  1. A traditional aluminum framed dock and lift in several different models
  2. A modern polyethylene floating dock and lift designed to accommodate many different configurations


greatlakesdocks1First, for most of our customers the aluminum docks and lifts by Great Lakes Lift and Dock offer a

very attractive, functional, and economical choice.  Several models are available including our most popular Port-O-Eze roll-in model.  Choices for the decking include cedar, and vinyl options.


Boat lifts are offered in both cantilever and vertical models with weight capacities from 1,500 lbs. to 5,000 lbs.


Second, the EZ Floating Dock & Lift System offers the strongest and most stable plastic floating dock on the market.  The modular system allows you to customize your waterfront landscape, add options in the future, or reconfigure your layout as your needs change.

Customized Design

Every customer has their own special situation.  Each dock we sell is designed to meet the unique requirements of the owners’ special set of circumstances’ including:

  • Shoreline attributes
  • Lake Bottom composition (sandy, rocky, mucky, etc.)
  • Water depth and lake bottom slope/shape
  • Type, size, and weight of boats to be accommodated
  • Other recreational activities on the dock (fishing, sunbathing, diving, socializing, etc.)
  • Aesthetic and financial requirements

We have staff ready to advise and consult with customers to help assure that they get the dock that best meets their needs today and in the future.